It’s that time of year again, for some of us the weather has turned, but it’s always sunny in Orlando, which is great if you’re heading out to Microsoft Ignite next week.  Ignite is the biggest Microsoft end-user event of the year and always a great forum to network with many of our customers, partners and friendly competitors in the world of meeting rooms for Microsoft UC.

Last year’s Microsoft Ignite was certainly eventful for Teamline (as described here ). During the Microsoft Teams Rooms breakout session, Teamline was specifically highlighted by Microsoft thanks to our alternative dedicated appliance-based approach compared to the PC based Microsoft Teams Rooms that Microsoft is pushing.

Since last year’s Microsoft Ignite event much has changed for us here at Teamline:

  • We have solidified our position as the number 1 competitor to the Microsoft Teams Rooms approach that Microsoft believe it is the only architecture/approach that should be allowed.
  • We have continued to deliver on our commitment to Microsoft and now have many customers who are in the middle of their transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.
  • We have launched new solutions for this space which demonstrates how committed Teamline is to the world of Microsoft in the meeting room including a brand new endpoint (the Teamline 5141) as well as a brand new touch panel controller.
  • We’ve delivered interop straight into the room with MultiJoin to give users the easiest way to join Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Webex, Zoom, and BlueJeans meetings.
  • The launch of Teamline Pronto makes it possible for users to bring their meeting into any meeting room, use any available space without pre-booking, and share content in one easy step.
  • And probably most importantly, Teamline sales have continued to grow as knowledgeable Enterprise customers really do see the value in our differentiated approach.

On top of all of this, the powerful combination of Teamline MultiJoin and Teamline Pronto is a game-changer that demonstrates why being different from the generic Microsoft approach allows us to focus on the end-user needs including those that Microsoft might obviously not want to support. This includes being able to join not just Microsoft meetings.

Why shouldn’t you just be able to walk into any meeting space and easily join any meeting?

These features have revolutionized my personal meeting room join experience as I regularly get invited to meetings from many different platform providers, be that Zoom, Webex or StarLeaf as well as Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams and as the recipient of the invitation, I never get to choose which platform the meeting is scheduled for.

Now, I know that whatever the platform, I can just walk into one of our meeting rooms and join any meeting.

This is the experience that I really want end users to have as it is far too easy to believe that the only consideration is to have a locked-down Microsoft Teams world.

If you are attending Microsoft Ignite in Orlando this year and you want to experience the leading alternative solution for your Microsoft enabled meeting rooms (that importantly allows you to join other meeting types), then please do come and see us at Booth 2320 at Microsoft Ignite this year. If not, then please follow Teamline where there will be daily video demos of what we are showing throughout the week.