Meetings matter. They matter so much that there are a ton of tips available for making sure they run smoothly; from setting agendas to agility methodologies (we're looking at you, stand-up meetings.) But one of the most fundamental elements of a meeting is often overlooked - the room itself.

If you have dedicated video conferencing rooms, this scenario may sound very familiar. How many meetings are delayed in starting because at least one piece of AV kit has decided to stop working, or even worse, gone completely awol? Missing mice and mics, altered camera angles, carefully set configurations completely discarded. Meetings get off to a messy start, people get frustrated, and IT managers waste their time 'fixing' what should never have been broken in the first place.

What if meeting room management, specifically Skype for Business video meeting room management, could be made simpler? We have a solution. StarLeaf Maestro provides a single management platform in which the frustrated IT manager can instantly assess and coordinate any meeting room, as well as its AV equipment. Making meetings better for everybody. Here's how. 

1. Something not working? Get notified!

With minutes to go before that important meeting, wouldn't it be great to receive notice when a piece of equipment in the room starts misbehaving? Much like a warning light on a car dashboard, the StarLeaf Maestro Management Platform makes this obvious and fixable. And all this without a manual check on the meeting room itself. 

2. Usage.

StarLeaf Maestro can access the call detail records for each Skype for Business room, so administrators can immediately see how their video meeting rooms are being used. Usage statistics can analyze which rooms are used the most and how many calls are being made, how many people attend a particular meeting, and which rooms are being used effectively. Statistics can even be generated to demonstrate a room's efficiency, the number of air miles saved from hosting that meeting, or even the carbon credits earned from it.

3. Be there without being there.

Remote locations can be managed as easily as local ones, while different settings can be applied to different rooms based on their usage habits. Firmware updates can be scheduled to take place out of hours, wherever your endpoints are, so your Skype for Business meeting rooms are always up-to-date and ready to go.

The StarLeaf Maestro Management platform for the GTm family of Skype for Business endpoints enables a view of meeting room efficiency that has not yet been possible. It provides a central management dashboard that provides an "at a glance" view of the hardware and call status of your meeting rooms. It is free to use with the GTm family of meeting room systems and is already providing room IT administrators with a successful way to centrally manage their room systems today. Find out more about StarLeaf's range of Skype for Business Solutions here.