StarLeaf recently launched Medley, an entirely free Skype for Business interoperability service that brings any H.323 or SIP video conferencing system straight into a scheduled Skype Meeting.

This means anyone, whether within your company or external, can now be invited and join your Skype for Business meeting with no additional hardware, no downloads or plug-ins, no sign-up, no limits, and no charge! It does not matter which video conferencing system is used - Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom, Avaya, or even one of our own cloud room systems - everyone's invited and the process is exactly the same.

It's incredibly simple to use. When you're arranging your Skype for Business meeting, just be sure to include in your invite. The StarLeaf OpenCloud will then email you a unique joining code, which you can use to dial in to the meeting, or forward to whoever you would like to add to your meeting. It's as easy as that.

You can use the same Medley code to invite multiple video conferencing systems to your Skype for Business meeting. The code is unique to your meeting and will only work once. So next time you want to invite a non Skype for Business video system, be sure to include Medley again.

If you've been invited to a Skype for Business meeting but don't have a compatible video conferencing system, you can forward your invite to the same address,, and join the video meeting just as easily.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Take a look at our top tips below to make the most of your Medley meeting.

Don't mix your meetings

StarLeaf Medley is specifically designed for scheduled Skype for Business video meetings held on the Microsoft AV/MCU, inviting it to a different kind of meeting won't work.


Timing is everything

You or your Medley invitees can join the Skype for Business video meeting up to ten minutes in advance. Don't be too keen and join any earlier - this is not an always-open VMR, this is a secure, one-time connection.


It's time to federate

If your Skype for Business set-up does not allow for video calls from the Internet, you will have to enable this to allow Medley to dial in. Again, we've made it totally simple and you can find out more about this here.


Open up

Medley won't override your Skype for Business settings, so make sure the Skype for Business meeting you want to invite people to is set-up to allow external people to both join and share content. Find out more here. StarLeaf Medley is a beta service that forms part of our range of Skype for Business connection solutions and is just one of the ways StarLeaf opens up video communication for everyone, no matter what they use.